Undergraduate Admissions

Enrolled students interested in majoring in a program in the Department of Art and Design may apply for major via ULink. Incoming and transfer students must be accepted by the University first, and then may apply for major.

Admission to Bachelors of Arts (BA) Program 

The Department of Art and Design offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art with two tracks: Studio Art and Art History

To qualify for admission to the Department of Art and Design, students must:

  1. Be admitted to the University in Good Standing,
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, and
  3. Meet the minimum overall grade point standards for the College of Arts & Sciences.

Note: Studio Art courses are restricted to majors only. Degree-seeking non-majors may enroll in up to two 100-level, OR one 100-level and one 200-level (excluding ART 205), OR one 100-level and one 300-level course (excluding ART 361 and 371) with permission prior to admission to the major on a space-available basis. Contact Theresa Berbet (theresa.berbet@louisville.edu) for more information and/or permission to enroll. 

Note: Students interested in pursuing a degree track in the BFA Program must first be admitted into the BA track in Studio Art.

Applying to the University of Louisville

Admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA ) Program

Primarily intended for professionally oriented art and design students, and for those planning to pursue graduate work in the studio arts or to assume leadership positions in the fields of graphic or interior design, the BFA degree provides the opportunity for students to go into more depth in their chosen area. Admission is selective. Enrollments are limited. Students accepted as majors for the BA in Art, track in Studio Art may apply to the BFA program after completing the required program prerequisites, have a minimum GPA in departmental courses of 3.0, and a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 (Applications are available from the Department).

Note: Students interested in pursuing a degree in the BFA Program must first apply and be admitted into the BA in Art, track in Studio Art.

BFA Program Application Criteria

To apply for the BFA Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are an accepted major in the BA in Art, track in Studio Art (see above), and are currently enrolled in the Studio Art program.
  • You have completed the Foundations Program in studio art or equivalent.* 
  • For Graphic Design you must enroll in ART 205 Foundation Design Methods and apply via that course (taught in Spring).
  • For Studio Art and Interior Design, you must have completed, or be currently enrolled in, the 300 or 500-level course in the concentration area(s) for which you are applying and with the faculty member with whom you would like to work (e.g., ART 361 for Interior Design, ART 301 for Studio Art concentration in painting, etc.).
  • GPA: You must have a minimum departmental GPA of 3.00, and a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.

BFA Application Deadlines

  • Studio Art: April 15 (for fall admission) Nov 15 (for spring admission) 
  • Graphic Design: April 15 (for fall only admission) via ART 205 (taken in spring) 
  • Interior Design: Nov 15 (for spring only admission) via ART 361


To request an Application for Admission to the BFA program please email Hite@louisville.edu.