Annual Student Show

December 18 - January 23, 2021
Annual Student Show

The Hite Art Institute is pleased to announce our Annual Student Exhibition. This year’s exhibition features work from across the Hite Art Institute’s extensive disciplinary range, from sculpture to print making, photography to design. It also highlights the conceptual and stylistic diversity of our talented students. 

Thematically, artwork this year engages both the natural and the social. At one pole this is an exploration of the world as we encounter it--botanic and creaturely; beautiful and disturbing. At the other, the artwork investigates our own natures, for better and worse. This work is sometimes political, but always social. Altogether, the exhibition invites us to think about the worlds we make and the worlds we encounter. 

Students participating in the Annual Student Show were selected by Hite Art Institute faculty based on the high quality of their work. This exhibition offers our students a chance to celebrate their hard work and for the public to see the emerging talents from our Fine Arts Department. 

Selected students include Landann Brown, John Clay, Brooklynn Collier, Amaiya Crawford, Abigale English, Sydney Hughes, Amany Ismail, Abbey Just, Lili Kaelin, Samuel Lawson, Michael McDonald, Edison Pleasants,  Lauren Sanderfer, Julia Scott, Natalie Shain, Caitlin Smith, Hannah Weisenberge, and Lizzy Wolfe.

Reservations are Required to view the exhibition. To make a reservation please visit our website Here.

Top Row: Install images of Annual Student Show at CCVA
Bottom Row: Artists from Left to Right: Natalie Shain, Abbey Just, Caitlin Smith, Amany Ismail, and John Clay