There are two types of ACT: The National ACT and the Residual ACT.

The National ACT exam is accepted at ANY institution which requires the ACT exam for Admissions. You have to register for this exam through ACT, either on-line or by obtaining a registration packet from a university or local high school. The exam is only offered 5-6 times a year and the scores take 4-6 weeks to be mailed to you and the schools that you request. Visit the National ACT website for on-line registration, test prep and frequently asked questions regarding the National ACT.

ACT Residual testing is designed for those U of L students who are enrolled, have been admitted, or are in the process of applying to U of L and have not yet taken the National ACT. The Residual ACT exam is ONLY accepted at the institution where it is taken. For instance, if you took the test at U of L, the scores MUST stay at U of L and are NOT transferable to any other institution. If you are considering more than one school or believe you might transfer to another school, you should take the National ACT.  The scores are mailed to examinees and made available to our Admission's office the first business day following the administration.

ACT Residual Registration:

Register online to schedule your test date. Please be advised that you must wait 60 days to retake the ACT Residual if you are taking it again. The fee for the ACT Residual is $53 and due upon registration.  There are NO REFUNDS, no exceptions!  You must be registered at least ONE WEEK prior to test to avoid the LATE registration fee of $20.  If you miss the exam and need to reschedule there is a $20 reschedule fee payable over the phone with a credit card.

ACT-Residual Test Dates:

2014 2015
September 6 January 10
November 1 May 9
December 6 July 11

August 8
November 14