How to create a [SEND SECURE] Quick Step Button

Click to download these instructions with screenshots (PDF)

Use the “Quick Steps” feature on the Outlook Tool bar in the Outlook client to build an automated process for using the [SEND SECURE] email feature.

  1. First click on the Create New, option in the Quick Steps box.
  2. Edit the Quick Step Box and name the Quick Step “SEND SECURE”. In the Choose an Action box, select  the “New Message” option (located under the “Respond category”).
  3. Click the “Show Options” link.
  4. Fill in the subject line with the proper formatting included “[SEND SECURE]” and click the Finish Button at the bottom.
  5. Now all you will need to do is click on the “Quick Step” option for “SEND SECURE” next time you need to send a secured message and a new email will open with correct subject line format.