University Policy Statement

Statement from the Provost regarding UofL's Information Security Policies and Standards

(approved by the Compliance Oversight Council on July 23, 2007)

Compliance with Information Security Policies and Standards is vital to UofL's success

As we continue to pursue our goals of academic excellence and becoming a premier, nationally recognized research university, we engage in numerous activities that facilitate achieving these goals.  Information security practices support these goals and fall within the compliance responsibilities of the University.  By maintaining diligent information security practices guided by university-wide policies and standards, we can best position the university to minimize information security incidents or disruptions that may take our focus away from our research and academic goals.

Accordingly, as chair of the Compliance Oversight Council (COC), I am pleased to announce the COC's approval of a completely revised set of information security policies and standards for the university.  The Information Security Officer has been working with various constituent groups over the past two years to bring these policies and standards to fruition.  I am asking all members of the university community to support these policies and standards.

The Information Security Officer (ISO) will be communicating with the university in a variety of ways over the next several months to answer questions regarding the policies and standards.  The ISO will advise individuals and units on efficient and effective ways to implement and maintain information security compliance.  If we all avail ourselves of these opportunities, we will be doing our part to help the university achieve its goals.