Information Security Tools and Resources

The Information Security Office provides the following services, tools and helpful information to assist you in complying with University policy and other state, federal and industry regulations applicable to your entity, program or department.


Training and Security Reviews

Information Security Awareness Training

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In addition to New User and UBT presentations, the ISO is available to speak about information security topics relevant to your department.

Project Review

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The ISO is available to consult on or review information security controls and requirements for research or other projects.

Policy and
Contract Review

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The ISO is available to review contracts and agreements for compliance with information security policies or controls.

Risk Assessments

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The ISO is available to conduct a comprehensive review of your current environment, processes and controls as they relate to information security risk.  The assessment evaluates existing controls and potential vulnerabilities and provides recommendations for mitigation of identified risks.

Vendor Assessment

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University policy and regulations require review of security controls of vendors that will process, transmit, access or store university sensitive data. For additional information regarding this process click here