Data Request

Data Request Form

This document is intended to capture the basic business requirements and layout of a proposed report from the business users. The document should be used to reach agreement by the requesting parties (i.e. business users) on the layout and detailed characteristics of the report. Please remember, this data could be considered "sensitive data" and as such, must be handled with the utmost level of security and care.

If you are requesting personally identifiable information, please make sure you've completed the FERPA Quiz located here.

Please complete all sections of this Data Request Form. Upon completion, click the SUBMIT button, located at the bottom of this page. Within two business days, someone from the Registrar's Office will contact you to confirm receipt of your form.

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Personal Information Please provide the following information in the event we have questions about your request.
Please complete the following information as accurately as possible. This will ensure prompt and precise analyses.
Request description (What type of data? For what group? Examples: 6-year graduation rates for programs in Engineering, graduate enrollment in History, etc.)
Is this request for a committee? Please indicate whether the information is being requested by a University committee or task force. This will ensure that reports are not duplicated.  

Will this data be shared with third parties or entities outside of the University of Louisville?