Faculty Resources at the University of Louisville Online

Interested in putting a course, degree or certificate program online?
The Office of Online Learning can help!

In AY 18/19:

  • 35.5% of all UofL students took at least one online course
  • Online course enrollments grew by 9% to 25,127

Our team’s mission is to connect students with online learning opportunities that can help them stand out in their organizations, achieve their professional and personal goals, and become inspirational leaders that motivate others to succeed.

We partner with colleges and departments at University of Louisville to facilitate the development and delivery of online learning opportunities. We meet with each team or unit to discuss goals for going online, course development, program structure, market need and demand, staffing and timelines.

Check out the resources below to familiarize yourself with processes, support services and best practices in online learning at UofL.

Launch an Online Program http://louisville.edu/online/faculty/online-program
Launch an Online Course http://louisville.edu/delphi/resources/online-course
Technology Training http://louisville.edu/delphi/resources/training
Faculty Development & Training http://louisville.edu/delphi/programs
Delphi U http://louisville.edu/delphi/programs/delphiu
Delphi U Online http://louisville.edu/delphi/programs/delphi-u-online
Instructional Design Tips http://louisville.edu/delphi/resources/tips
Syllabus Guidelines http://louisville.edu/delphi/resources/syllabus
Copyright Information http://louisville.edu/copyright

For more details, or to get started, please contact:
Kristen Brown
Assistant Director for Online Learning
Phone: 502.852.8565

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