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Delphi U 2016

Get Delphi Certified

The Delphi Certified designation is applied to online courses that have met the rigor of the Quality Matters (QM) course design process and rubric. There are eight general QM Standards that are used for the course review process. Submitted courses are reviewed by the Delphi Center Instructional Design and Technology staff. To receive more information on the Delphi Certified course review process contact Deb Hatfield by email or telephone at 502.852.0412.

Graduates of Delphi U 2013

In an engaging, hands-on environment, faculty will get many of their questions and concerns about online courses answered, and be introduced to ways of designing, developing, delivering, and assessing online classes. After completing this free and informative workshop, faculty will leave Delphi U with a head start on creating or re-designing an online course.

New for 2018

Using results from a 2017 Delphi U alumni focus group, we have revamped Delphi U for 2018. The sessions have been honed to focus more around online learning versus teaching in general. There will also be tracks offered for specific sessions. Participants will self-identify based on individual identified confidence/competence levels with certain technologies ranging from basic mechanics to more advance features. Visit the 2018 Delphi U Sessions PDF below for a daily schedule of offerings

Delphi U 2018: May 7-11

Download the 2018 Delphi U schedule [PDF] for more details.

Who Should Attend

  • Full and part-time faculty who are planning to teach a new fully online course in an upcoming semester between summer 2018 and summer 2019 and would like training and exposure to best practice principles and resources
  • Full and part-time faculty who are planning to enhance a current fully online course and would like additional training on how to create an effective and engaging online course

Why Attend?

In a fun and engaging environment, Delphi U offers an unmatched opportunity for faculty to discover and utilize best practices in course design to engage and evaluate online students.

  • Apply Quality Matters (QM) principles in course design, development, delivery and assessment
  • Integrate best practices for online course instruction, design, management, and evaluation
  • Identify and utilize technology resources for conducting an online course
  • Utilize technology tools for development or re-design of an online course
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