Frank D. Groves, MD, MPH, FCAP

Education:Frank D. Groves, MD, MPH, FCAP 

B.S., Computer Science, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge; 1982
M.D., Louisiana State University, New Orleans; 1988
Medical Internship, University of California – Davis, Sacramento; 1988-1989
Pathology Residency, Louisiana State University, New Orleans; 1989-1993
M.P.H., Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; 1997
Epidemiology Fellowship, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda; 1993-1999

Curriculum Vitae

Current Positions:

Associate Professor of Epidemiology & Population Health
Member, Care & Control Program, JGBCC

Contact Information

School of Public Health and Information Sciences
485 East Gray Street, Room #228
DESK: 502/852-6136
FAX: 502/852-3291
CELL: 502/420-8843


Research Description:

Epidemiology of childhood leukemia, particularly with respect to iron homeostasis. (Other research deals with adult solid tumors.)

Literature Cited:

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