a medical student comforts a standardized patient

a medical student comforts a standardized patient


Longitudinal Standardized Patient Program

Unique to ULSOM.  Medical students are paired with one SP for the first and second year of their medical education.  This pair forms a continuity relationship, in which the medical student experiences the progression of the patient’s disease, manages psychosocial issues, and develops skill in therapeutic communication.

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Kodner CM, Bohnert C.  The Longitudinal Standardized Patient Project: Innovation from Necessity.  Academic Medicine; March 2015; 90(3).

Anti-Human Trafficking Education

ULSOM is renowned for its groundbreaking anti-human trafficking simulation program.  By combining lecture, online learning, and encounters with SPs, the program brings content to life.  Students report an increased ability to spot victims of human trafficking, communicate with them effectively, and intervene on their behalf. 

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Bohnert, C.A., Calhoun, A., Mittel, O. Taking Up the Mantle of Human Trafficking: Who Should Be Resonsible?” American Medial Association Journal of Ethics: January 2017; 19(1).

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