Application Process

Congratulations on taking the first step to specializing your medical education.

Need to Know

  • You MUST be in good standing to apply to a distinction track.
  • You MUST use your UofL ID (xxxxxx##) and password to access the form.
  • You CAN apply to more than one track.
  • If you are accepted to more than one track you must choose ONE. No student can be enrolled in more than one track.

Please fill out and submit your application by clicking a link below. If you plan to apply to multiple tracks, you must apply using the application form specific to that track.


The Research track does not accept applications until the beginning of the students’ 2nd year, after the students have had an opportunity to participate in the Summer Scholar Research Program.

Applications (Feel free to look over the applications. Accepting applications begins on February 1)

If you have any questions about the application process, please direct them to Shelley Brook Gibson, Director of the Distinction Track Program in the Undergraduate Medical Education office.