UofL Bridges to the Baccalaureate (ULBB) Program for JCTC students

For incoming JCTC freshman full-time Associates of Science majors who plan to transfer to the University of Louisville to complete a 4-year degree in STEM+H (science, technology, engineering, math, health)

University of Louisville and Jefferson Community & Technical College Downtown Campus

New Application Deadline: March 15, 2020

Program Highlights

  • Year 1 summer research program to learn biomedical research skills, summer after freshman year. $5000 summer salary
  • Pre-transfer mentoring, help with courses, career counseling, advising
  • Take one course (Biol 203-OC) at UofL during spring of freshman or sophomore year but pay JCTC tuition
  • Year 2 summer research program doing research in a laboratory at UofL, summer after sophomore year. $5000 summer salary
  • Post-transfer mentoring, help with courses, career counseling, advising
  • Opportunities to present your research locally and at national scientific conferences
  • Networking, planning for next steps after college



  • Incoming or first- or second-semester freshman at JCTC Downtown campus with a high school GPA > 2.5 and ACT > 19 preferred
  • Associate of Science (AS) major; full-time student (AA major considered if transferring to a STEM+H field listed below)
  • Intention to transfer to UofL after sophomore year at JCTC; major in a STEM+H degree program (see list below)
  • Interested in a biomedical research or health-related career
  • Can spend two summers working full time in our program for 10 weeks (paid), late May to early August
  • Able to take the BIOL 203-OC course spring semester of freshman or sophomore year (MW 2-3:15pm)
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident for this federally-funded program
  • Underrepresented minority student or economically disadvantaged (Pell Grant-eligible)
  • Preference for students prepared to begin the AS degree sequence without remedial courses


Applications Now Open!

  • The URL for the online application is https://is.gd/ULBBapplication. You can save and return to the application, but must submit by March 15, 2020
  • Contact Ms. Jennifer Wells at 502-852-6231 or at ULBB@louisville.edu with ‘ULBB question’ in the subject line if you need more information.
  • You will need letters from two references; instruct them to submit letters directly to Ms. Wells at ULBB@louisville.edu, with ‘ULBB reference – student name’ in the subject line by the March 15thdeadline. Reference letters should be from former/current teachers, employers, community group leaders, etc, but cannot be a relative of the applicant. Letter writers should provide their contact information, indicate how they know you and for how long, plus address your qualities (e.g., interest in biomedical career, degree plans, work ethic, maturity, etc) that inform their recommendation for the ULBB program.
  • You will be notified by email by late-March if your application is being considered for one of the 8 slots in the program. You might then be asked to interview with program directors, either in person or online (e.g., Skype, Facetime, Zoom), before a final decision is announced.

Here is a pdf file for sharing this information. Note that original deadlines on this pdf flier have been extended.

This program is funded by NIH award R25GM133328-01.

STEM+H subjects offered to students for bachelor degrees by UofL

Anthropology (forensics)     


Exercise Physiology      


Biomedical Engineering

Computer Science

Exercise Science

Physics and Astronomy 


Computer Information Systems      




Engineering (all fields)


Public Health