Patrick D. Harris, Ph.D.

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Northwestern University, 1967

Research of the past 45+ years has studied microcirculatory defects in receptor and metabolic control of endothelial and vascular smooth muscle function in a wide range of medically relevant conditions such as shock (hemorrhage), sepsis (infection), high blood pressure (hypertension), anesthesia, altered nutrition, addictive drugs.  This work has included development of innovative new measurement techniques and experimental models in the intact organism and in isolated organs, tissues, and cells.  Current efforts primarily involve experimental design, data analyses, and interpretations/writing for manuscripts and grants in collaboration with Professors Irving Joshua, Ayotunde Adeagbo, and Walter Rodriguez of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics and with Professor R. Neal Garrison of the Department of Surgery.

Recent Publications:

  1. Feitelson, J.B.A., E. Kulenovic, D.J. Beck, P.D. Harris, J.C. Passmore, A.L. Malkani and J.T. Fleming.  Endogenous norepinephrine regulates  blood flow to the intact rat tibia. J Orthopaedic Res 20(2):391-396 2002.
  2. Kawabe, T., P.D. Harris, E.R. Zakaria, and R.N. Garrison.  Sepsis alters vessel contraction by adrenoceptor-induced nitric oxide and prostanoid.  J. Surgical Res. 110(2): 352-359, 2003.
  3. Zakaria, E.R., R.N. Garrison, D.A. Spain, and P.D. Harris.  Impairment  of endothelium-dependent dilation response after resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock involves post-receptor mechanisms.  Shock 21 (2): 175-181, 2004.
  4. Li, N., P.D. Harris, E.R. Zakaria, P.J. Matheson, and R.N. Garrison.  Microvascular responses to adenosine help explain functional and 
    Pathologic differences between intestinal segments.  Am. J. Surgery 188 (5): 526-531, 2004.
  5. Zakaria, E.R., R.N. Garrison, T. Kawabe, and P.D. Harris.  Direct peritoneal resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock: Effect of time delay
    in initiating therapy.  J. Trauma 58 (3): 499-506, 2005.
  6. Kalea, A.Z., D. A. Schuschke, P.D. Harris, and D. Klimis-Zacas. Cyclooxygenase inhibition restores attenuated vasodilation in manganese deficiency.  J. Nutrition 136:2302-2307, 2006.
  7. Li, N., P.D. Harris, E.R. Zakaria, P.J. Matheson, and R.N.  Garrison.  Role of adenosine receptor subtypes in rat jejunum in unfed state versus glucose-induced hyperemia.  J Surg Res 20: 2007.