International Students find housing to be very challenging, so be proactive!  There are two broad options for accommodation for international students: on campus and off campus. Undergraduate students tend to choose on campus housing while most graduate students find apartments off campus. On campus housing is more convenient in that you can pay a lump sum amount including rent and utilities to the university (this often includes cable, internet, and telephone as well as electricity and water and sewage); most tenants in off campus housing need to become customers with local companies and pay their own utility bills. International students can also apply for on campus housing as soon as they’ve been offered an admission by the university; in contrast, most off campus apartment complexes and private house owners require you to pay a deposit and have good credit.

There is a Freshman Residency requirement at the University of Louisville. Log on to the University of Louisville Housing website for more information about our residential policy for first-year students. If you believe you can do well without living on campus then you will need an approval to do so.  Freshmen who do not want to live on campus will need to fill out the waiver form. Students must demonstrate that they meet one of the following conditions to have an exemption from the policy:

  1. residing with a custodial parent or guardian for the academic year;
  2. 21 years of age or older;
  3. veteran of the U.S. Armed Services;
  4. married; or
  5. custodial parent or guardian of a child.

Students with other extenuating circumstances may also petition for a waiver. The petition for an exemption is located at https://louisville.edu/housing/forms/requests/firstyearexempt/fg_base_view_p3. Students will not be required to pay the application charge when requesting an exemption. Notice of exemption decisions will be sent within three weeks to the student’s university e-mail account.  Please keep in mind that you must request a waiver in order to not be billed for the cost of on campus housing. You must also still apply to on campus housing if you do wish to live on campus.

To apply for on campus housing, visit the On Campus Housing website. Rooms are assigned in the order reservations are received.  Please be aware that when you sign a contract for a dormitory room, you are obligated to remain in the dormitory for the entire academic year. If you live on campus, there are a few other things you should remember. Student dormitories are closed during certain vacation periods, and you will need to find temporary lodging during these times.  Also, you will need to use your own bed linens in the dormitory. You can prepare meals in the dormitory’s limited kitchen facilities or purchase meals at the student cafeteria or in a nearby restaurant. To contact the housing office, you may email oncampus@louisville.edu or call 502-852-6636.

On campus housing is quite limited and apartments run out very quickly (as early as the end of April). If you have someone in town whom you can find an apartment with; it can be less expensive to live off campus (costs range from $450 and higher per month, plus utilities). But there are other considerations you need to make for living off campus. You should consider how you will commute to the university. City bus rides are free for UofL students, but time could be an important issue. Also, if you arrive in Louisville before you have a confirmed place to live, you should be prepared to spend a few days looking for lodging that is convenient and within your budget; refundable deposit equal to one month’s rent may be required in addition to the first month’s rent. Apartments usually include kitchen facilities like refrigerator and dishwasher so you will be able to prepare your own meals; however, you should plan on purchasing a number of household goods such as cooking and eating utensils. There are several large apartment complexes adjacent to the campus which are privately owned but are exclusively rented to University of Louisville students. As indicated above, some of them don’t require a Social Security Number. But note that most apartments near campus may be taken by the time international students start arriving. Click here for a list of Off Campus Housing for UofL Students.

Off-Campus Housing and Furniture Rental Information

Furniture Rental for Students

Local Apartment Listings - ApartmentList.com

Local Apartment Search - ApartmentSearch.com

Local Apartment Search - Zumper

University of Louisville Off-Campus Apartment Listings

Temporary Housing

Again, whether you live on campus or off campus, you must either have a place to live when you arrive or plan on paying for temporary lodging until permanent accommodations are available to you.  If you require temporary housing while you search for other options, there is space available at the Medical Dental apartments or on the Health Sciences Center on-campus at $25.00 per night.  This temporary housing is only available for a limited-time, usually for about two weeks before the semester begins. This temporary housing is provided on a first come, first serve basis; therefore, it is important that you apply early by completing a temporary housing application through the University of Louisville’s housing website.  Receiving a response might take up to 14 days.

Winter Housing, Extension, and/or Early Arrival Request

The university will be closed approximately two weeks at the end of the year (December) for the holidays.  If you plan to arrive during university closures in December and will be living on campus in a dorm, you need to make arrangements for early arrival/winter housing check-in to your dormitory.  Early check-in for the fall 2014 semester will be no earlier than 8/04/14. You can submit an application for early arrival by filling out the form.

Area Hotel Information

Red Roof Inn (Airport) is located at 4704 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY.  Rates per night are 43.99 plus 15% taxes; students must be 21 years or older, must show passport and be able to display that you are a UofL student. Phone: 502-968-0151 Website: redroof.com