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Success Stories

Highlighting the success of University employees who have championed their health while engaging in Get Healthy Now programs.

Please note: All stories, photos and statistics have been used with the permission of the participant.  They have shared their success here in order to encourage GHN participants to become their own success story

Katie and Wes Summer 2011

katie + wes: summer 2011

Katie and Wes:

"Trying to lose weight on our own was tough. There are so many books, commercials, tips, programs, etc. How do you know what to follow? We picked through programs like weight watchers, but never really found something to stick with – and half-starting a lot of different programs isn’t a successful strategy."

"Food was a way we connected; making cookies at night, going out to eat, etc. We would let each other “slide” too often because we didn’t have a well-defined program or objective.  We needed something that made sense and that would keep us accountable to ourselves and each other."

So Katie and Wes discovered WEIGH TO GO: a 12-week weight loss class that combines education, accountability, and a framework for weight-loss based on eating for a lifetime of wellness, not just a "diet." 

"Weigh To Go gives us structure and the program makes sense. There’s no “no carb”, “no sugar”, or “only eat yellow things for a week”. The instructor explains the concepts of eating and weight loss in ways that you can understand: 3,500 calories = 1lb. Based on your weight and activity level, you should eat a certain number of calories per day (consisting of the right amount of fat, carbs, fiber, and protein). To lose weight you work with those numbers. The food journal is great way to track your intake. Talk about eye-opening! You don’t realize how many calories sneak in throughout the day until you start paying attention to them."

"The weekly weigh-ins help us set small goals, .5 to 1lb a week and to reach those goals – not just “I want to lose 25 lbs…now”. The conversations about grocery shopping, cooking, eating out, all help to put things in perspective, and our coach is super knowledgeable and can answer all of our random questions. We have learned that we have to be patient with ourselves, because it doesn’t happen overnight, but that we also have to be honest with ourselves – if you eat it, you have to count it."

To showcase Katie and Wes's success, here are their before and after photos:

 katie b&awes b&a 


      Statistic:      Katie    Wes

Pounds Lost:



Body Fat %



* Both participants completed two sessions of Weigh To Go

Reflections from the process: 

Katie: "The key for me was to see this as a life change, not a diet. I want to be healthy for the rest of my life, for my husband, and for the family we want to have. It feels great to be in control, to feel like I know what I am doing and how to take care of myself. This isn't some crash diet, it's finally understanding how to do right by my body, which positively affects my mind and spirit, too."

Wes: "I feel amazing about the progress that I've made over the last 8 months! Rome wasn't built in a a day, and neither was a healthier me. Hard work, dedication, and accountability (Brooke, GHN, and my wife) made it seem effortless."

Congratulations Katie and Wes!!

Become your own success story, sign up for Weigh To Go or other Wellness Opportunities offered through Get Healthy Now!

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