Places To Eat

85th Annual Meeting of the Society for Military History

 Landscapes of War and Peace

April 5 - 8, 2018, Louisville, Kentucky

These recommendations are entirely my own, with input from a variety of friends and colleagues. Simple places we enjoy around Downtown Louisville, mostly in walking distance to the Galt House Hotel. We hope you will find something to your liking. Since Downtown Louisville is busy in spring, we encourage everybody to make reservations by calling/emailing the restaurants or via Yelp and Open Table.

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse – 325 W. Main St. 40202. Upscale, THE best steak house in town IMHO (access from the Galt House Hotel).

RIVUE Restaurant and Lounge - 140 N. 4th St. 40202. Upscale, American (great view and access from the Galt House Hotel).

Milkwood - 316 W. Main. 40202. Upscale, Southern-Asian Fusion, an Edward Lee restaurant below Actor's Theater.

Proof on Main – 702 W. Main St. 40202. Upscale, where the artsy crowd goes for amazing food.

The Brown Hotel - 335 W. Broadway. 40202. Well, you have to have the Kentucky Hot Brown sandwich at least once in your lifetime.

The Oakroom – 500 S. 4th St. 40202. Upscale, old-school but cool.

Vincenzos – 150 S. 5th St. 40202. Upscale Italian, a Louisville mainstay for decades.

8Up Elevated Drinkery & Kitchen – 350 W. Chestnut St. 40202. Sleek rooftop bar and restaurant with the best view in town.

Doc Crow’s – 127 W. Main St. 40202. Southern, we all need good oysters, a po-boy, and good bbq sometimes.

Sidebar – 129 N. 2nd St. 40202. Local, bourbon, and some of the best burgers in town.

Mayan Cafe – 813 E. Main St. 40206. Latin American, small and amazing menu.

Mussel and Burger Bar – 113 S. 7th St. 40202. Local, popular spot.

Harvest – 624 E. Main St. 40206. Southern, arguably the best fried chicken in town.

Decca – 812 E. Market St. 40206. Sleek place, great bar downstairs.

Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse – 401 E. Main St. 40202. Local brewery and pub in Slugger Field.

Garage Bar – 700 E. Market St. 40206. Awesome outdoor spot, seen and be seen in Downtown Louisville - and get one of the best pizzas in town.

Feast BBQ – 999 E. Market St. 4026. Local, one of the best BBQ joints in town, amazing BBQ tofu.

Grind Burger Kitchen – 829 E. Market St. 40206. Local, arguably the best burger in town.

Wild Rita’s Modern Mexican & Tequila Bar – 445 E. Market St. 40202. Like the name says, Modern Mexican, not your usual Tex-Mex place.

Saffron’s – 131 W. Market St. 40202. Amazing Persian/Iranian food option.

Royals Hot Chicken – 763 E. Market St. 40206. Southern, Nashville has arrived in the Ville.