K-12 Teacher-Scholars Day

85th Annual Meeting of the Society for Military History

 Landscapes of War and Peace

April 5 - 8, 2018, Louisville, Kentucky

Society for Military History and McConnell Center K-12 Teacher-Scholars Day

April 7, 2018

We would like to invite all K-12 professional teachers who are considering to include military history content into their courses to a designated Teacher-Scholars Day at this year’s 85th annual meeting of the Society for Military History. This is the largest academic conference on military history in the country and will include many international speakers. The conference covers a wide variety of topics, many with a focus on teaching (including two Vice-Presidential Panels).

As part of this program, we also offer K-12 teachers a designated lunch & learn lecture and discussion on teaching military history in the classrooms by Dr. David Silbey (Cornell University in Washington D.C.)

In the evening, participants will also have a chance to attend the keynote address by Dr. Christopher Philips (University of Cincinnati) on the U.S. Civil War and its aftermath in the Ohio River Valley. Thanks to the generous sponsorship by the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville, we can offer this professional development opportunity (including a certificate) for free.

Registered teachers will meet at 10am in the Willis Room at the Galt House (2nd Floor, Suite Tower) for a welcome and orientation before attending any session that day that interests them. We also have a book exhibit at the conference whit over twenty publishers.

To register please sign up as K-12 Teacher here: www.louisville.edu/history/events/smhc/conference-registration

For further questions, please contact:smh2018@louisville.edu


10am-10.30amWillisWelcome & Orientation
10.30am-12pmPer programAttending sessions
12pm-1.30pmNunnLunch & Learn Lecture and Discussion with David Silbey
1.30pm-3pmPer programAttending sessions
3pm-3.30pmGrand Hall

Coffee Break

3.30pm-5pmPer programAttending sessions
6pm-9pmBallroom B/CKeynote Address with reception (a cash bar is available)


Lunch & Learn Lecture:

During the McConnell Center Teacher Day on April 7, 2018, David will present "Talking about Teaching: A Lunchtime Discussion on Military History.” Military history has long been quite popular among students (and many parents!). This lunchtime talk will be a discussion about the challenges of teaching military history at the K-12 level and a chance to share ideas, problems, and solutions.

David Silbey is a military historian, focusing on modern warfare currently teaching at Cornell in Washington D.C. Professor Silbey’s first book, The British Working Class and Enthusiasm for War, 1914-1916 was published by Taylor & Francis in 2005. His second book, A War of Empire and Frontier: The Philippine-American War, 1899-1902 was published by Hill & Wang in Spring 2007 as well as The Boxer Rebellion and the Great Game in China, 1900, published in March of 2012. He received his B.A. from Cornell and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Duke University.