University Scholarship and Tuition Awards

Tuition awards provided by the Graduate School will cover a maximum of 9 hours of Regular Graduate Tuition per term. Students or graduate programs will be responsible for additional tuition charges for online courses or courses in Urban Planning and Public Administration. The Graduate School does not offer tuition awards or scholarships to students enrolled in professional degree programs.

The Graduate School has a limited number of tuition match awards. Preference will be given to doctoral students funded by grants and contracts. A small number of awards will be available for doctoral and master’s students funded by program revenues, gifts and endowments.

With the exception of University Fellowships and Diversity Fellowships which have deadlines that are announced annually, nominations for awards on this page should be submitted no later than the following dates:

  • March 1st for Summer
  • June 1st for Fall Dissertation Completion Awards
  • October 1st for Spring


    Nominate a Student

    Click to Nominate a student for any award other than a University Fellowship or Diversity Scholarship and Assistantship. These two awards have separate nomination forms.



    Doctoral Dissertation Completion Award

    Goals:Support outstanding Ph.D. candidates in the final semester for dissertation completion and defense.
    Eligibility:Ph.D. candidates entering the final semester.
    Application Date:Applications should be submitted prior to student's final semester.
    Award date:Beginning of final semester 
    Nominator:Department Chair or Director of Graduate Studies.
    Maximum award:Full stipend, candidacy fee and health insurance
    Duration of award: One semester
    Program commitment:Must nominate students able to complete program within the semester and commit to subsequent funding if necessary.
    Criteria:Strong evidence of scholarly ability and program progress plus a detailed plan for completion within the semester agreed upon by student, mentor and committee.
    Student responsibilities:Students must be engaged in full time dissertation and defense work.
    Students awarded Doctoral Dissertation Completion Awards shall have no other duties or obligations beyond those of the academic program, and are also precluded from other work for compensation while supported by the award.

    Diversity Scholarships and Assistantships

    NOTE: This is a continuation of the current Diversity Fellowship program.  A call for nominations will issue early in the Spring semester.

    Goals:To supplement graduate education support and promote racial and ethnic diversity of the student population.
    Eligibility:Programs may nominate students from historically underrepresented ethnic/racial groups, including US citizens and permanent residents who are African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and Pacific Islanders.
    Maximum award:Full stipend, tuition, and health insurance premium
    Duration of award:One academic year (10 months) for masters students; up to 2 years for doctoral students.
    Program commitment:Provision of full stipend, tuition and health insurance for an additional year for masters and up to two additional years for doctoral students.
    Criteria:Strong evidence of scholarly ability.
    Student responsibilities:Students must be engaged in full-time academic program studies and maintain good academic standing.
    Students may be required to work up to twenty hours per week in research or service work closely related to their scholarly activity.  Students are responsible for participation in UofL diversity activities.