VP Finance Division Policies

Budget and Financial Planning

Budget Development Flowchart (pdf)

Budget Adjustment Process (pdf)

Budget Guidelines for Centers of Excellence (pdf)

Soft Money Policy (pdf)

Institutional Base Salary (pdf)

Policy on the Management of Endowment and Similar Funds (pdf)

Policy on Continuing Education Financing  (pdf)

Policy on the Transfer of Indirect Cost Recovery (Overhead) Funds  (pdf)

Policy for Budget Entries and Revisions (pdf)

Policy for Auxiliary Enterpise, Service Center and Program Budgeted Overhead (pdf)

Guidelines for Service Centers (pdf)

Internal Reallocation and Financial Incentive Strategy (pdf)

  • Financial Management Incentive Plan (FIP)
  • Policy on Lapsed Salaries
  • Policy on Capturing Vacant Position Funds

Tuition Remission Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects for Graduate Research Assistants (pdf)

Tuition Remission for Graduate Assistantships (pdf)

Supplemental Pay and X-Pays (pdf)


    Bursar's Office

    Check Cashing

    Credit Card Processing Fees

    Foreign Checks and Money Orders

    Returned Checks and Credit Cards

    Tuition Remission for Employees

    Tuition Remission for Dependents

    Tuition Remission for Temporary Lecturers


    Controller's Office

    Accounts Payable Checks 06/2004 (pdf)

    Accounts Receivable Guidelines 06/2007 (pdf)

    Account Reconciliation Guidelines 07/2014 (pdf)

    Add a Vendor Procedure 10/2008 (pdf)

    Agency Programs 05/2010 (pdf)

    Auxiliary Enterprise, Service Center and Progam Budgeted Overhead (pdf)

    Banking Holidays 2012-2016 (pdf)

    Cash and Cash Equivalents 06/2007 (pdf)

    Claiming Unclaimed Property 04/2008 (pdf)

    Corporate Remote Capture: CRC (pdf)

    Cost Sharing (Matching) Requests

    Cost Sharing Policy

    Credit Card Merchants 09/2013 (pdf)

    Debt Policy 01/2008 (pdf)

    Definition of Sponsored Activities

    De Minimis Gifts for Employees 08/2014 (pdf)
    (small employee gifts of appreciation)

    Deposit Methods 06/2012 (pdf)

    Deposit of Checks without Properly Executed Agreements

    Designating Funding, Gift or Sponsored Program

    Donations 03/2010 (pdf)

    Effort Reporting Alignment with Annual Workload Agreements 03/2010 (pdf)

    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) 06/2008 (pdf)

    Equipment Capitalization and Fabricated Equipment 06/2007 (pdf)

    Establishment of Bank Accounts 08/2014  (pdf)

    Establishment of PayPal Account 08/2012 (pdf)

    Exchange vs Non-Exchange Revenues 06/2007 (pdf)

    Expenditure Authorization 07/2009 (pdf)

    Financial Reporting Responsibility 05/2007 (pdf)

    Financial Statement Process 06/2007 (pdf)

    Fiscal Misconduct Policy 10/2007 (pdf)

    Fiscal Year-End Closing 03/2010 (pdf)

    IRS W9 Form 09/2008 (pdf)

    Memorial Gifts 03/2010 (pdf)

    Month End Closing 05/2008 (pdf)

    Net Asset Classification 06/2007 (pdf)

    New Vendor Requirements 08/2014(pdf)

    Non-Payroll Payments 03/2010 (pdf)

    OMB Circular A-21

    Operating vs Non-Operating Rev and Exp 06/2007 (pdf)

    Payments for Human Subjects

    Payments to Distinguished Speakers

    Payors (vendors) Paying by Electronic Funds Transfer 04/2008 (pdf)

    Payroll and Other Expense Transfers 03/2010 (pdf)

    PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

    Petty Cash Funds 07/2011 (pdf)

    Swift Prepaid Gift Cards 06/2012 (pdf)

    Previously-Charged Expenses 03/2010 (pdf)

    Program Inactivation 03/2010 (pdf)

    Relationship to State 06/2007 (pdf)

    Retention of Records 03/2010 (pdf)

    Sales and Use Tax 08/2011 (pdf)

    Special Request for Return Checks 07/2009 (pdf)

    Stop Payment on Checks 03/2010 (pdf)

    Stale Dated Checks (Write Off of AP Checks) 03/2010 (pdf)

    Timely Posting of Transactions 06/2005 (pdf)

    Tax Exemption Status for States other than KY and W-9 Forms

    Transfer of F&A Costs Recovery (Indirects) Funds 03/2010 (pdf)

    Travel, Entertainment and Expense Reimbursement Policy 04/2013

    Unrelated Business Income Tax Policy 12/2013 (pdf)

    Vendor Applications 08/2007 (pdf)


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    Vice President for Finance
    Phone: 502-852-6166

    Grawemeyer Hall
    Room 20
    Louisville, Ky. 40292

    Budget & Financial Planning
    Phone: 502-852-6166

    Grawemeyer Hall
    Room 20
    Louisville, Ky. 40292

    Bursar's Office
    Phone: 502-852-6503

    Houchens Building
    Room 101
    Louisville, Ky. 40292

    Controller's Office
    Phone: 502-852-7072

    Service Complex
    2nd Floor
    Louisville, Ky. 40292

    Payroll Office
    Phone: 502-852-2978

    Personnel Services Building
    1980 Arthur Street
    Louisville, KY 40208-1707

    Position Management
    Phone: 502-852-2978

    Personnel Services Building
    1980 Arthur Street
    Louisville, KY 40208-1707