Mobile Email for Exchange

Use the information on this page to set up your mobile device to access your Exchange email account. IMPORTANT: You must be on the internet before you can set up your Exchange Email Account.

Setting up Email on an Android Device:


1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Add Account.

2. Select Corporate Account or MicrosoftExchange Account (this is based on your device manufacturer).

3. Enter the following account information:

  • Email Address:
  • Password: Your ULink password

4. Select Manual setup.

  • Enter the following information. Domain\Username:\your ulink id
  • Exchange Server:

5. Tap Next.

6. Activation Screen: Choose OK (Note: While this screen indicates that the university may erase all data or remotely control other functions on your device, UofL IT will not take these actions without written authorization).

7. Tap Finish Setup.

8. Your Email, Calendar and Contacts will now begin to sync (this process could take 1-2 hours to complete).


Setting up Email on an Apple Device (ex., iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch):

1. Tap Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account
2. Tap Microsoft Exchange.
3. Exchange screen

  • Email: your full email address
  • Domain:
  • Username: ulink userid
  • Password: email password (same as ulink)
  • Description: This will be the name of the account (ex..UofL). By default the description will be Exchange

4. Tap: Next.
5. After it verifies your exchange account information, a new field called Server will appear.  Enter as the server

6. Tap Next.
7. Tap Done.


    Set up email on a Windows Device:

    1. Click on Settings
    2. Tap on email +accounts
    3. Select Add an Account
    4. Select Advanced Setup
    5. Enter your full email address ( and password for your account, then press the sign in button
    6. Select Exchange Active Sync
    7. Make sure your email address is correct.

    • Domain:
    • Server: (NOTE: it may already be there)

    8. Click on the sign in button. Once connected, you will see a new icon within your setting menu with the name of your email account