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UofL Email

Microsoft Office365 Outlook is UofL’s preferred email system for employees and students. With 50 GB of inbox storage, increased security and spam filtering, Outlook also provides better integration with other O365 collaboration and productivity tools such as OneDrive (50GB free) and SharePoint. University email with O365 accommodates large file attachments and supports an unlimited archive.

More UofL technology information for Students and Employees available on the ITS site.

With Office365, you can either use a web-based version of Microsoft's Office suite or their downloadable enterprise-grade applications. Office365 includes Outlook Exchange for email, SharePoint and OneDrive for collaboration, and Teams for messaging and virtual conferencing, plus many other Microsoft Office software applications. See our FAQs or Microsoft’s training resources for more information.

Overview of Settings for Mobile Devices

If you are using Office365, downloading the Outlook app or designating your device email accounts are the preferred methods. When adding a new account, choose Microsoft Exchange as an option, follow the prompts entering the information below:

Email address or username: userID@louisville.edu
Password: Your ULink password
Server Name: outlook.office365.com
Name of your account: This is your choice. Example: UofL email.

If you have problems setting up your UofL email account on your phone, you can find 1:1 assistance at iTechConnect – on Belknap, at the lower level of Miller Information Technology Center on M-F 8am-5pm or on HSC, at Building A, room 104 on M,W,Fs 10am-2pm. You may also contact the ITS HelpDesk for further assistance at either (502) 852-7997 or online.

Upon graduation, as a UofL alum, you are eligible to set up permanent email forwarding. Emails sent to your university account will be forwarded to the personal email account of your choosing. This is done via ULink > on the Portal entrance click on Students > Sign into System > click the Profile Tile > in left navigation, Click Contact Details > Here you can add an email and change your preferences. See UofL’s Alumni page for more information.

Upon retirement from UofL, depending on your status or eligibility, your email account will either remain open or you are able to set up an email forwarding option to keep receiving new emails sent to your UofL address. Please be informed on your choices as it is best to set up your option prior to your last day at UofL. If the account is retained and a retiree does not access their email within the first six (6) months, the account will be closed due to lack of use.

Keeping your UofL email address/account does not mean that you have access to UofL’s Office365 offerings. Upon leaving the university, use of all UofL owned or enterprise licensed software (installed Microsoft Campus Agreement Office365 products, Adobe, etc.) must cease. For example, CardBox access will no longer be allowed but your account is transferrable to a personal Box account. Adobe accounts should be also migrated to personal accounts. You will retain access to the web versions of the O365 suite associated with your Outlook email account. If you have questions about the use of UofL software, please contact our ITS HelpDesk.

Email transition tips

  • Save all important files onto secure media, cloud storage options or transfer the files to a non-UofL computer.
  • Update your password, alternative email or cell phone in our Identity Management system. This will allow you to reset your password, if you forget it in the future.
  • Access to ULink might not be possible depending on your status. It is best to set up or change your email forwarding service, update your personal information and request transcripts prior to leaving.
  • Retirees can request email forwarding at any time after they retire. This means that emails sent to your university account will be forwarded to the personal account of your choosing. To set up email forwarding, go to our Identity Management system under My Profile > My Availability > Email for Life > switch option to Yes > Enter forwarding email address > re-enter forwarding email address > Save.
  • If you choose not to use UofL's email forwarding service, please inform your friends and business associates of your personal email address.
  • Retiring employees who remain as enrolled students will retain their Office365 accounts/access and should not set up the forwarding service.
  • Information Technology Services has an opt-in online directory for those who select the forwarding email service. If you opt in to the directory, your name will be added to an online directory of UofL retirees.

Want to keep receiving UofL Today? This option only applies to retirees who choose to set up forwarding service. Retirees who choose to keep utilizing their UofL email do not need to subscribe to this service.

To keep receiving UofL Today after your retirement, subscribe to the ULT_RETIRESS listserv. Click the following link to go to the online subscription page. Enter your name and email address, then scroll to the bottom and click Join ULT_RETIREES. You will receive a notice in your email inbox asking you to click a link to confirm your subscription.