Office365 Outlook email is a cloud-based version of the Outlook Exchange with 50 GB of inbox storage, increased security and spam filtering, constantly updated features and better integration with Office365 collaboration and productivity tools. Email with Office365 accommodates large file attachments and supports an unlimited archive.

While Microsoft is the custodian for Office365, the University of Louisville retains the rights, title and ownership of all of our data in the cloud. We like Microsoft's unlimited online archive storage and multi-dimensional approach to security. Additionally, UofL will always maintain university business continuity with essential email communication systems stored offsite.

Ultimately, our Office365 will include unlimited access to web browser versions of Microsoft products such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other collaboration and productivity software tools. The Office365 licensing agreement does not, however, include downloadable versions of these products. Units, Departments and Employees are required to have a departmental or unit license as part of the Microsoft Campus Agreement for each university owned computer or device with Office software installed.

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email archives

We've completed the migration of Netmail Archives. Click for info on using all of your email archives within Outlook365.

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Let us answer the basics of this migration process for you. You can always ask us or your Tier1 for assistance.

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additional resources

Check out this Microsoft site for additional help and videos.

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quick start guides

Here are some handy guides to walk users through setting up various devices and synching accounts.