Institutional Compliance

Providing independent oversight of the University's Compliance Program

Compliance Oversight Council

Membership 2015-16



Harlan M. Sands - Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, COO/CFO (Chair)

Neville G. Pinto - Executive Vice President and University Provost

David L. Dunn - Executive Vice President for Health Affairs

William M. Pierce, Jr.  - Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation

David F. Barker - Associate Vice President, Audit Services & Institutional Compliance

Leslie Strohm - Vice President for Strategy and General Counsel

Frederick W. Benz - Professor of Pharmacology

Craig Blakely - Dean, School of Public Health and Information Sciences

Pamela Feldhoff - Chair, Faculty Senate/Associate Professor, Department of Biology

Priscilla Hancock - Vice President, Information Technology


COC Make-Up and General Responsibility (pdf)

UofL Compliance Structure (pdf)