Department Administration

Craig Grapperhaus

Dr. Craig Grapperhaus
(502) 852-5932

Pawel Kozlowski

Dr. Pawel Kozlowski
Vice Chair & Director of Graduate Admissions
(502) 852-6609

Dr. Francis Zamborini

Dr. Francis Zamborini
Director of Graduate Studies
(502) 852-6550

Ms. Sherry Nalley

Sherry Nalley
Graduate Program Assistant
(502) 852-6798

Dr. Christine Rich

Dr. Christine Rich
Master Undergraduate Advisor
(502) 852-7814

Ms. Renu Kakar

Renu Kakar
Department Safety Coordinator
(502) 852-5983

Carla Gates

Carla Gates
Financial Coordinator
(502) 852-8147

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