About Us

Career Development Center LogoThe Career Development Center must support the mission, academic programs and advancement of the institution.  Within this context, the primary purpose of the  Career Development Center is to assist students and alumni in developing, evaluating, and/or implementing career, education and employment decisions.

Specifically, the purpose of the Career Development Center is to help UofL students and alumni:


  • Develop self-knowledge related to career choice and work performance by identifying, assessing, and understanding their competencies, interests, values, and personal characteristics.
  • Obtain educational and occupational information to aid career and educational planning and to develop an understanding of the world of work.
  • Select personally suitable academic programs and experiential opportunities that optimize future educational employment options.
  • Gain experience through student activities, community service, student employment, research projects, cooperative education, internships and other opportunities.
  • Take responsibility for developing career decisions, graduate/professional school plans, employment plans and/or job search competencies.
  • Prepare for finding suitable employment by developing job-search skills, effective candidate presentation skills and an understanding of the fit between their competencies and both occupational and job requirements.
  • Link with alumni, employers professional organizations and other who will provide opportunities to develop professional interests and competencies, integrate academic learning with work and explore future career possibilities.
  • Seek a desired employment opportunity or entry into an appropriate educational graduate or professional program.
  • Prepare to manage their careers after graduation.