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Welcome to the Department of Biology at the University of Louisville.  Our diverse and growing department includes 23 faculty members and about 50 graduate students, and it has one of the largest undergraduate programs at the university, with over 850 majors.

New and Notable

Biology faculty gather to honor our graduates. Left to right: Drs. Yoder-Himes, Corbitt, Yanoviak, Perlin, Eason, Mansfield-Jones, Fell, and Steffen.

Contratulations, May 2015 Graduates!

Dr. Mark Running was recently awarded an NSF award for his work entitled: “Cell Adhesion and Fate Determination in Physcomitrella Patens.” This grant studies the genetic processes involved in making different specialized cell types in early land plants.

Biology graduate student Matthew Reid, in Dr. Sarah Emery's lab, was awarded the 2015 Garden Club of America Fellowship in Ecological Restoration. This award will assist Matthew with his dissertation work on the effects of invasive plant species on soil communities in Great Lakes sand dunes.

Dr. Sarah Emery was recently awarded a USDA grant entitled “Can soil biodiversity increase biofuel feedstock production and ecosystem services on marginal lands?” The grant will fund research evaluating ecosystem services provided by soil organisms associated with switchgrass and other perennial biofuel crops.

The Kentucky Academy of Science has awarded two grants to members of the department.
  • Megan DeVries and Dr. J. Alexander: Effects of nonionized ammonia on the behavior of a locally declining freshwater snail.
  • Matthew L. Reid and Dr. S. Emery: Can exotic plant invasion be facilitated by below ground tri-trophic interactions?

Dr. Lee Dugatkin has been selected as a Sigma-Xi Distinguished Lecturer (2015-17).
Congratulations to Dr. Dugatkin! Learn more at: