Key Deadlines

The deadlines for completed applications are as follows:

Conventional M.S. and Ph.D. applications

  • Fall Semester Term (begins mid-August) - Deadline is July 1 
  • Prospective PhD students seeking financial support for the Fall term should apply by January 15 for full consideration.
  • Spring Semester Term (begins early January) - Deadline is November 1
  • Summer Terms- Deadline is April 1 

International M.S. and Ph.D. applications

Note that International Applicants have earlier deadlines due to visa processing requirements. All application materials should be received by the Graduate Admissions Office well before the student wishes to begin studies. Please refer to the following application deadlines for processing of international student applications. 

  • Fall Semester Term (begins late August) - Deadline is May 1st [again, prospective PhD students seeking financial support for the Fall term should apply by January 15 for full consideration.]
  • Spring Semester Term (begins early January) - Deadline is November 1st. Note that admissions decisions can only made after this date due to funding constraints, which makes it very difficult to secure visas in time to arrive in the US by Jan. 1. Also note that our university is closed from mid December-Jan. 1 for winter holidays and our International Center is unable to help with visa paperwork during this time.  International applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for a Fall Semester start instead. 


Accelerated M.S. Program

  • Application to our accelerated Master's PATHWAY program  is usually made at the end of the junior year, but no later than August 1 before your senior year or completion of 90 credit hours toward the degree. Students must have at least 30 credits left to complete in their bachelor's degree. The PATHWAY application is free. Please contact the Biology Dept. Director of Graduate Studies if you are interested in this program. 
  • Students should formally apply to our MS program through the Graduate School at the end of their Senior Year, following deadlines above.


If these dates fall on a weekend, the deadline is the next working day. Official notification of admission or denial will come from the Graduate School and will be based on a recommendation from the Department of Biology. Notification of acceptance to the Department of Biology Graduate program does not carry with it the promise of financial support. However, all students admitted to the doctoral program will be considered for financial support, if they qualify.