Undergraduate Degrees

Biology (BA)

The BA degree offers a broader education compared to the BS degree, emphasizing liberal arts. It includes more foreign language and social science/humanities courses and provides more free electives for customization. Students can opt for a diverse biology curriculum or specialize in specific areas. Unlike the BS, the BA doesn't mandate physics or geology, requires an additional semester of foreign language, and has fewer biology hours, offering flexibility. It suits those interested in diverse non-science courses and can be suitable for future teachers or professionals, including pre-professional programs, provided prerequisites are met. The BA degree mandates a total of 121 credit hours, with a minimum of 38 in biology (up to 40 allowed).

Biology (BS)

The B.S. Biology degree offers two specialized tracks:

  • Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
  • Ecology

These programs prioritize science courses, including biology and another field like physics or geosciences, along with specific calculus requirements. They offer fewer hours for social science/humanities and free electives than the B.A. degree. The B.S. provides a strong foundation in biology, making it suitable for employment in biology-related fields, graduate or professional school preparation, and teaching aspirations. A high GPA in this rigorous program demonstrates your capabilities to potential graduate or professional schools.

Biology (Minor)

The Minor in Biology offers a strong foundation in the field to students with primary goals in other areas.