Prospective Cadets

    Want to become a part of something bigger? Interested in joining one of the top Army ROTC Programs in the nation? Click the links below to find out more about what it takes to join the program and see if you have what it takes to become a "Symbol of Strength."


    University of Louisville Admission Requirements

    General Admission Requirements

    • GPA: 2.5

    • ACT/SAT: 20/940 (Math/Verbal)

    Engineering School Admission Requirements

      • GPA: 3.0

      • ACT: 24 (24 on both Math and Science subscores as well) or SAT: 1090 (560 on Math)

      • Required Classes: Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Physics (Physics not required, but strongly suggested)

      Business School Admission Requirements

        • GPA: 3.0

        • ACT/SAT: 24/1090