Spotlight: Riece Hamilton

Spotlight: Riece Hamilton

Riece Hamilton

Meet Riece

CURRENT POSITION: Program coordinator of sexual health and relationship programming and services in the Health Promotion office. I am also a certified REFIT dance fitness instructor and KORU mindfulness and meditation teacher in my role.

RESPONSIBILITIES: I make sure the students are well educated about the sexual health options and reproductive choices. I make sure that the campus community has access to resources to protect themselves, like barrier methods and testing. I also make sure students understand how to have happy and positive relationships with others. My most favorite part of my job is talking to students about their experiences one-on-one and teaching them something to make their sex life more pleasurable.

WHY I JOINED: I got involved with YEP because I wanted to meet other young professionals at the university and take advantage of the professional development opportunities this ERG offers! I also joined for the opportunity to collaborate with other ERG's I am apart of such as the black faculty and staff association.

BEST CAREER ADVICE: Always treat the janitor with the same level of respect as the CEO. Also, if you are the smartest person in the room, it is time to change rooms!