Spotlight: Alexandra Howard

Spotlight: Alexandra Howard

Alexandra Howard

Meet Alexandra Howard

CURRENT POSITION: Business Research & Teaching Librarian, Ekstrom Library

RESPONSIBILITIES: I am a tenure-track faculty member working as the library's liaison to the UofL College of Business. I provide research assistance and instruction to faculty and students. I enjoy teaching and watching that "a-ha" moment when students realize the value our library's resources can have to their research. I am excited about pursuing my own research focused on how UofL can support and collaborate with Black businesses and entrepreneurs in the Louisville community. 

WHY I JOINED YEP: I am new to UofL and Louisville. Moving to a new city and starting a new job during a global pandemic has been tough! I joined YEP to make connections with other young professionals so I can start building my community here in Louisville.

BEST CAREER ADVICE: Focus on building relationships in the workplace and think of those relationships as a bank account. Make as many deposits into the relationship as possible so that when you need to make a withdrawal, there is still a positive balance. Basically the idea is to give more than we take in building relationships. If we focus on being positive and helpful members of the team first, then later when we need a favor or want to suggest changes we can do so without negatively impacting our relationships with our coworkers.


  • Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Education: B.A. Africana Studies, Oberlin College; M.S. Library and Information Science, Simmons University
  • Hobbies: I'd love to get to know you all and explore how we can collaborate professionally and/or explore the city of Louisville or common interests together. My professional interests include supporting entrepreneurship and innovation across campus. My personal interests include hiking, criminal justice reform, jazz, and exploring local restaurants and craft breweries. Send me an email, and let's connect!