Spotlight: Stephen Swan

Spotlight: Stephen Swan

Stephen Swan

Meet Stephen Swan

  • CURRENT POSITIONAssistant Director, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment for UofL College of Business-Graduate Programs
  • RESPONSIBILITIES: I manage the recruitment team and strategic-recruitment initiatives for our graduate business programs in order to grow our brand globally, meet enrollment goals and attract the best and brightest to UofL from all over the world.
  • WHY I JOINED YEP: I believe that leveraging relationships for personal and professional development is the most effective way for individuals to grow networks, learn new things and get exposure to new ideas. Understanding what other offices around campus are doing and getting to know rising stars is a fantastic way to open doors of opportunity for one another. 
  • BEST CAREER ADVICE: Find a professional mentor from whom you could learn. I believe that setting goals for one's self is the best way to progress professionally. Find someone you admire in a role you aspire to and ask for their personal and professional insights. You often hear "it's not what you know it is who you know." This is fundamentally true, particularly in the new hybrid-virtual world we live  and work in. The other great piece of advice, when looking for  new roles, is to vet the direct supervisor for whom you will report. Don't take a new role simply because it is "new"—make sure the person you will be reporting to believes in professional development and has a history of supporting their team. You will spend most of your waking professional hours in that environment, so it should be a productive and healthy one.


  • HometownLouisville, KY 
  • Education: BA, Political Science (UofL), MS, International Relations (Troy University)
  • Life Outside UofL: "I am a member of the Young Professionals Association of Louisville (YPAL) and truly believe in its mission. YPAL is a fantastic way to meet other emerging professionals, to build relationships across industries, and to get to know what makes Louisville so great. I am a father of two beautiful girls and my wife and I own a small business. When not spending my free time with my family and friends you can find me playing ice hockey, attending live music events, at LCFC or Racing Louisville FC games,and attending the University of Louisville sporting events! Go Cards!