Meet Our Team

Our leadership team is committed making UofL a great(er) place to work for young and emerging professionals!

Executive Committee

Photo of Sarah Kelley

Sarah Kelley 



headshot of vanessa streble

Vanessa Streble


Vice President

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Fundraising Coordinator

Profile picture of Kayla Miller

Kayla Miller


Administrative Coordinator

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Allysse Stokes


Communications & Marketing Coordinator

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Luis Salazar Guzman


Diversity Coordinator

Headshot of Hayley Eisenberg

Hayley Eisenberg


Membership Coordinator

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Catherine Wibbels


Programming & Events Coordinator

Meagan West

Meagan West


Special Advisor - Employee Success Center

Headshot of Douglas Craddock Jr., YEP Executive Champion

Douglas Craddock Jr., PhD


Executive Champion

Photo of Natalie

Natalie Tracy 


Immediate Past President

Committees and Committee Members

Communications & Marketing Committee

Responsible for managing the website and overseeing communications and other media resources related to the promotion of YEP related programs, events, and social activities.

Chair: Allysse Stokes

Members: Kristin Samer, Pam Thomas

Diversity Committee

Responsible for the inclusion and welcoming of members, development of new policies to align with the Cardinal Principals and UofL’s Diversity Council, and identifying the gaps and opportunities within YEP to enrich a sense of belonging for members.

Chair: Luis Salazar Guzman

Members: Lesley Roberson, Ashley Witt

Membership Committee

Responsible for the recruitment and retention of members and identifying the needs of the membership base.

Chair: Hayley Eisenberg

Members: Maureen Stebbins

Programming & Events Committee

Responsible for planning and coordinating YEP related programs, events, and social activities and providing support for fundraising efforts.

Chair: Catherine Wibbels

Members: Seeking members