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We are currently seeking a Research Fellow to begin in 2024

Price Research Fellow Application

  1. For general surgeons-in-training seeking career advancement or future focus (Ph.D. in Physiology)
  2. English language skills and a verifiable training slot to which to return upon completion, are essential.
  3. Must send CV and potential references to Susan Galandiuk M.D. 
  4. Salary and benefits are funded by the Price Institute Trust, commensurate with level of surgical training.
  5. Previous fellows have been sponsored by the Department of Surgery for a J1 Visa.
  6. For more information or questions please email Susan Galandiuk M.D. 


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Dr. Susan Galandiuk

Dr. Susan Galandiuk, M.D.,  Director, Price Institute of Surgical Research

Endowed Professor, Department of Surgery
Director, Division of Colon & Rectal Surgery
University of Louisville


Welcome to the Price Institute of Surgical Research. Founded in 1957 by both John W. Price Jr., MD and his wife Barbara Thruston Atwood Price, the Institute strives to enhance patient care through advances in surgical techniques and technology and through basic and clinical research.

Dr. Price believed in the promise of basic research as a surgeon and, later in his new career as a successful financier, used his position to establish a generous trust to attract the best and brightest surgical research fellows to the University of Louisville.

Each of our seven laboratories focuses on a specific field of surgical research, including: digestive disease, tissue ischemia and energy metabolism, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

The Institute

  • Fosters collaborative research among its team of researchers and with researchers at universities worldwide and biomedical device companies.
  • Attracts outstanding surgeons-in-training from prestigious institutions—nationally and internationally—who wish to pursue full-time basic research fellowships.
  • Mentors the careers of high school, undergraduate, graduate, and medical school students.

Our investigators and I invite you to learn more about the exciting research taking place at the Price Institute.



Because we foster the careers of  undergraduate, graduate, and medical school students, more than half of the summer undergraduate students whom we have mentored have gone on to medical school. As evidence, several of our recent students published "The Impact of Surgical Research on Career Success A Forty-Year Follow-up of Undergraduate Experiences" in Annals of Surgery, which is a survey of students who worked at the Price Institute. We invite you to explore the many research opportunities offered at the Price Institute.