About the Department

Administration and management of public health projects, organizations and networks are becoming ever more complex due to the increasing flow of information and speed of communications in today's society.  The Department of Health Management and Systems Sciences aims to advance knowledge of how to think and act in this increasingly complex, interconnected and rapidly changing world. 

Our vision is to become a nationally recognized center of excellence in understanding health organizations and health systems from the perspective of complexity sciences.

The department has created a dynamic, collaborative and trans-disciplinary learning environment, involving simultaneous teaching and learning by both faculty and students.  Emphasis is on the intersection of people, organizations and technologies to better understand and manage health systems and networks, especially from the perspectives of complexity.  As a result, our students will be better prepared to navigate the evolving challenges in health management and policy, and to make meaningful contributions for improving the health of the public.

Students gain leading-edge knowledge in the following subject areas:

  • People organizational and societal issues in health
  • Leadership within and between health organizations
  • Health organizational dynamics and management
  • Health services management and research
  • Population health management
  • Health law and ethics
  • Health regulations and policies
  • Health economics and finances
  • Health information and communication technologies ecosystems
  • Systems properties processes and behaviors

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