Graduate education

Recent Ph.D. and master graduates


Shanshan Zhang, Design, analysis and application of a cellular material/structure model for metal based additive manufacturing processes (2017)

Kai Zeng, Optimization of support structures for selective laser melting (2015)

Stefan Jedeck, Spare parts on demand using additive manufacturing : a simulation model for cost evaluation (2015)

Nachiket Patil,  A novel numerical framework for simulation of multiscale spatio-temporally non-linear systems in additive manufacturing processes (2014)

Andre Kieviet, Implications of additive manufacturing on complexity management within supply chains in a production environment. (2014)

Harald Rieper, Systematic parameter analysis for selective laser melting (SLM) of silver-based materials (2013)

Haijun Gong, Generation and detection of defects in metallic parts fabricated by selective laser melting and electron beam melting and their effects on mechanical properties (2013)

M.S. and M.Eng.

Zachary Denzik, Investigation of lattice structures and analysis of strut geometry (2017)

Austin Lassel, The electropolishing of electron beam melting, additively manufactured TI6AL4V titanium: relevance, process parameters and surface finish (2016) 

Harish Irrinki, Mechanical properties and microstructure evolution of 17-4 PH stainless steel processed by laser-powered bed fusion. (2016)