Applied Statistics Core

As of January 18, 2023, this website will no longer be maintained. Please visit us online from now on at our new home at

The primary goal of the KY INBRE Applied Statistics Core is to improve the breadth and quality of statistical support for scholarship in the KY INBRE Network. Partnering with the University of Kentucky Applied Statistics Laboratory (ASL), statistical support is offered to research staff in the Network.

Some of the aims of this core are to:

  1. To provide improved statistical services to groups preparing grant proposals (in particular junior faculty, pilot studies, and graduate students). This will help facilitate junior faculty acquire grant support and graduate students to produce scholarly work with high quality data analysis.
  2. To provide a resource which may be referenced in institutional support for larger grant applications,in addition to direct statistical support typically included in such grants.

  • Consultations
  • Data Analysis
  • Statistical Programming
  • Guest lectures, training and workshops at the ASL

Arnold Stromberg, Director of the ASL, and his research assistants, provide consultations for new projects, data analysis, experimental design, and statistical software correspondence.

UK Multidisciplinary Building

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