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Dr. Janelle HareNIH RENEWAL GRANT — Using her NIH renewal grant, Dr. Janelle Hare, an Associate Professor in the Biology & Chemistry Department of Morehead State University continues her research in "Mechanisms of Action of UMUD in Regulating DNA Damage-Induced Genes in a UMUC DEF." VIDEO and ARTICLE

Dr. Stefan Paula2nd NIH GRANT — Dr. Stefan Paula, an associate professor at NKU has received his second NIH grant for his research "Hydroquinone Derivatives as Novel Calcium Atpase Inhibitors." Dr. Paula describes his research and impact of receiving the grant in this VIDEO

Dr. Ajay SrivastavaRESEARCH IN THE NEWS — The October 2013 issue of the Lane Report highlights a KBRIN researcher's study of the growth of cancer cells. Dr. Ajay Srivastava, a WKU biology professor, and his students conduct genetic experiments on the Drosophila species of fruit fly as a model to study how cancer cells metastasize. Read article

Katy Carlson, PHD and Morehead State University researcherKATY CARLSON'S, KBRIN-FUNDED RESEARCH RECEIVES $350K NIH GRANT — for a project titled “Accents and Syntactic Attachment: Exploring how pitch accents affect the resolution of syntactic ambiguities with or without prosodic boundaries.” - Learn more

Jordan OberlingFORMER KBRIN SUMMER STUDENT ADVANCES — Jordan Olberding, a WKU senior, has been accepted into the PhD program at Yale University. Jordan was a 2011 KBRIN Summer Undergraduate Biomedical Research Program participant. Article and video

Recent KBRIN-INBRE awards to Kentucky researchers are listed on the Program Evaluation/Recent Awards page.

Current NIH Awards for KBRIN-Funded projects can be found here.

KBRIN Summer Undergraduate Biomedical Research Program. Learn about program

Year-round Faculty Mentored Student-Research Experiences. Learn more

The INBRE grant provides support for a research core, a primary tool for building research capacity within the primarily undergraduate universities in the state. The research core provides funding for several research-active faculty with the goal of helping them to achieve independently-funded research programs while simultaneously engaging undergraduate students in research. Learn More

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IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE)

The goal of Kentucky’s INBRE program (also known as KBRIN) is to expand biomedical research activities across the state. Through increased student training and career development in the primarily undergraduate universities (PUI)s, INBRE funding develops KY’s next generation of biomedical researchers.
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KBRIN Summer Student

Rebecca Oliver, Transylvania University

Research Spotlight

Katy Carlson, PhD, Morehead State University, recent NIH grant recipient for her research on prosody. Learn more about Dr. Carlson and her research

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