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July 30 Newsletter: KY INBRE SURP Poster Day at 12 noon TODAY! | RFI: NIH Women’s Health Conference | KY INBRE Student Spotlight + Hiring, deadlines & lots more!

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KBRIN (Kentucky Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network) is rebranding to KY INBRE (Kentucky IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence). The NIH BRIN Program (2001-2004) was the precursor to the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences INBRE Program. In a year of so many changes and with a change in our Program’s directorship, we felt it was time to change our name to match that of our 24 sister programs located throughout the US and its territories.

With the change in name, also comes a change in branding – a new look, new social media platforms and soon, a revised website.

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Administrative Core: Responsible for planning, logistical support and evaluation.

Applied Statistics Core: Provides statistical support for new projects, data analysis, experimental design, and statistical software correspondence.

Bioinformatics Core: Responsible for development of computer-based applications and access.

Electron Microscope Core: The purpose of this core is to facilitate the sharing of state-of-the-art equipment and to enhance research and research training.

Genomics Core: Responsible for sequencing, arraying and access.

Mentoring Core: Supports educational outreach, workshops and collaborative faculty initiatives.

Research Core: Provides developmental awards to aid the establishment of research independence.

Network Institutions


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KY INBRE Administrative Core Offices and the Bioinformatics Suite

522 E. Gray Street
Louisville, KY 40292
(Overnight zip code: 40202)

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M-F 8 am to 5 pm



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