Administrative Office

This office provides a leadership role in the development and support of KBRIN activities and provides logistical support for KBRIN committees and activities. The KBRIN administrative office works with the Grants Management Office at the University of Louisville for the development of subcontracts to KBRIN affiliates.

The administrative office is located at the University of Louisville and is managed by:

Dr. Nigel Cooper

Nigel Cooper, PhD

KY INBRE Program Director
University of Louisville
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Dr. Martha Bickford

Martha Bickford, PhD

KY INBRE Associate Program Director
University of Louisville
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Bruce Mattingly

Bruce Mattingly, PhD

KY INBRE Program Coordinator
Morehead State University
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Whitney Rogers

Whitney Rogers, MS, MPH

KBRIN Unit Business Manager
University of Louisville
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Michelle Padgett

Michelle Padgett

KBRIN Program Coordinator
University of Louisville
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Susan Boucher

Susan Boucher

KBRIN Program Assistant
University of Louisville
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