Cardinal Core Course Proposal Templates

Learning Outcomes and Assessment

The Cardinal Core Program at the University of Louisville emphasizes the development of key intellectual skills relevant to any career path: critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, effective communication, and the understanding of historical, social, and cultural diversity. The Cardinal Core Curriculum Committee (CCCC) engages in ongoing assessment to evaluate whether students can demonstrate these core competencies. Every course approved for cardinal core credit must address each outcome in its content and/or competency area. Methods of assessment must be specified for each outcome and demonstrate alignment with the overarching skills of critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, effective communication, and understanding of historical, social and cultural diversity.

For an interactive template for each content/competency area, please click on the links below.
(The completed course proposal template serves as an attachment to the course proposal cover sheet and guide for developing the course syllabus and describing how the specific learning outcomes and assessments will be aligned.)

Content Areas (select the appropriate course designations)

Note: Honors courses are the only courses that can be approved to fill two content areas in one course. Honors courses (HON) are restricted to students eligible for the Honors Program.

Competency Areas (select the appropriate competency area designation, to be paired with a content area designation)

Note: Competency courses must also incorporate one content area.