Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I enrolled in the university prior to Summer 2018, do I transition to Cardinal Core?

Yes. Beginning in summer 2018, all students will be required to meet the requirements of the Cardinal Core program. Students who matriculated to the university before summer 2018 should consult with their advisors about the transition from the previous general education program to Cardinal Core.

How do the old General Education Program requirements transition to the new Cardinal Core program?

Crosswalk of NEW Cardinal Core Requirements and General Education Program Requirements Prior to Summer 2018

General Education Program Requirements (Prior to Summer 2018)

Cardinal Core Program Requirements (Effective Summer 2018)


WC (6 hrs: the first 3 hrs. must be a writing course in the Department of English or be an approved Honors course substitute)

WC (6 hrs: the first 3 hrs. must be a writing course in or credit approved by the Department of English)

No change

OC (3 hrs)

OC (3 hrs)

No change

M (3 hrs)

QR (3 hrs)

M courses are now coded as QR

AH (6 hrs: one course in Arts; one in Humanities)

AH (6 hrs: at least two courses from different disciplines)

Students no longer have to take one course in the Arts and one in the Humanities, but still need to take courses from two different disciplines to fulfill the AH requirement.


SB (9 hrs: one course in the Department of History; the remaining 6 hours in two other disciplines)

SB (6 hrs: at least two courses from different disciplines and 3 hrs. must be in Historical Perspective (SBH)

The Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement has been reduced from 9 to 6 hours. The history requirement has been changed to Historical Perspective (SBH) and courses that fulfill this requirement are coded as such. SB requirements still require courses from two different disciplines.

*Students who have previously fulfilled their History requirement are considered to have met the Historical Perspective (SBH) requirement.

S, SL, and B (7 hrs:lecture and lab in a single discipline; an additional 3 hours in a second discipline)

S, SL, and B (7 hrs: lecture and lab in a single discipline; an additional 3 hours in a second discipline)

No change

Cultural Diversity (CD1 and CD2)
6 hours in courses designated Cultural Diversity (CD1 and CD2), at least 3 hours of which will focus on persons of African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Native American ancestry (CD1 courses).

Diversity (D1 and D2)
3 hours in a designated U.S. Diversity (D1) course and 3 hours in a designated Global Diversity (D2) course

Cultural Diversity (CD1 and CD2) competency area has transitioned to U.S. Diversity (D1) and Global Diversity (D2). Students must take 3 hrs. in each Diversity (D1 and D2) competency area.

*To support the transition to the new program, CD1 courses will automatically fulfill the D1 credit and CD2 courses will fulfill the D2 credit.

Students who took two CD1 courses (6 hrs. of CD credit) under the previous General Education Program will not be required to take any further Diversity courses to fulfill Cardinal Core program requirements.

Total Credit Hours (Minimum): 34

Total Credit Hours: 31

The total (minimum) credit hours required has been reduced from 34 credit hours to 31 hours under the new Cardinal Core program.



Can I get retroactive credit for a course that I completed prior to summer 2018 that is now a Cardinal Core course?

No retroactive credit will be awarded for Cardinal Core courses taken prior to summer 2018. If a course did not have general education credit when a student took it, it cannot be retroactively granted general education status now. This includes AP courses.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Cardinal Core program?

For questions related to program planning, transition of courses, and degree requirements please contact your academic advisor. A list of advising centers with contact information is provided below.

College of Arts and Sciences
(502) 852-5502

College of Business Advising
(502) 852-7439 

Honors Program Advising
(502) 852-6293 

Speed School of Engineering Advising
(502) 852-8084 

Kent School of Social Work
(502) 852-7418 

Dental Hygiene Program Advising
(502) 852-5081 

School of Music Advising
(502) 852-6907 

School of Nursing Advising
(502) 852-1196 

College of Education & Human Development Advising
(502) 852-5597 

School of Public Health Advising
(502) 852-5559