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Get Involved

Trends, methods and technology are constantly changing and continuous learning and discussion on campus are essential to our success. We encourage your participation in the groups below if your position at UofL relates to a group topic. While not all of these groups are “owned” by OCM, they are attended by members of our staff and have proven to be wonderful opportunities for learning and engagement in specific areas across campus.

Integrated Marketing Committee (IMC)

Owners: OCM

This group consists of unit communicators across campus. Often led by John Drees (SAVP, OCM), these meetings discuss best practices in communications and marketing, new resources available to unit communicators, policy and guideline changes, and an opportunity to celebrate some of the unit-specific initiatives happening across campus.


David Horrar and campus web administrators

WebGuides originated as a way for people who are tasked with updating their unit’s website to share findings and best bets, this group is a great place to find support, help, information and insights into the state of web at UofL and to ask questions from a beginner’s level to advanced. Attended by representatives from both OCM and IT, this group helps you stay in-the-know with the status of web at UofL.