Wall of Donors

Thanks to the contributions of generous donors like you, Miracle Monocle has been empowered to make needed enhancements to its publishing platform, fund a larger-scale literary competition in recognition of emerging talents, and expand the journal’s reach. By putting their faith in our our ability to make an impact on the national stage, these donors have helped to secure Louisville’s status as an emerging incubator of distinctive literary publishing and have helped student editors find paths to career realization. Their gifts have had a tremendous impact on our growth as a truly unique—and vivacious—literary community. We thank you for joining us on this ambitious adventure.

Dale Billingsley
Anthony Brown
Maggie Cassaro
Kimberly Crum
Alex Evans
Alan Golding
Sarah Gorham
Paul Griner
Susan Griffin
Tracy Heightchew
Will Holley
Lee Klein
Deborah Lutz
Kristi Maxwell
Kristen Miller
Philip Miller
Genevieve Mills
Robin Mozer
Andrea Olinger
Christine Payne
Kiki Petrosino
Ryan Ridge
Glynis Ridley
Jeff Skinner
Patrick Smith
Ian Stansel
Brian Weinberg
Beth Willey

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