Glass Pane Series





































































































My main media are poetry and photography. Recently, photo-based digital art has become one of my main art expressions. By selecting specific components of a photograph, then combining these elements in collage, new images can be made. I particularly love translucent light and its relationship to reflected light.

Each pane of glass is 14 inches by 20 inches. The printer's ink is mostly Vanson, and is (by its composition) heavily pigmented so as to be opaque in thin layers on paper. In the art pieces shown here, the printer's ink was thinned with turpentine to make it translucent.

TOM GENGLER is an artist living in Denver. His main media are poetry, photography, and digital art. His poetry has been published in a variety of journals; one of his poems was nominated by ONE ART for Best of the Net 2024. The digital art seen here consists of photographs of glass panes painted on both sides with turpentine-thinned printer's ink.