Aloes and Sakura

Ferns and Wings

Suckers and Roses (cover)

Denise Lange’s work is a study of organically occurring patterns, textures, and colors. Her graphic design background is evident in the balance and composition of each piece, in which she creates a harmonious expression of nature through the use of delicate lines, repeating patterns, and vibrant colors. Imagery is drawn from observations in the places she has called home over the years – barnacles and tropical flowers from Florida; ferns and scrollwork from New Orleans; rocky shorelines of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; water and trees from New Jersey; concrete and structural forms from NY and Atlanta; wide open spaces from the Midwest and Texas. Her style is a combination of techniques, mediums, and tools and, at times, mixing both new and recycled materials within each work. Analyzing the juxtaposition that arrives from combining old and new, balance and disproportion, organic and manufactured, controlled and random, furthers her explorations and continuously creates new questions to be answered. Her most current work is a study of her geometric paintings represented in sculptural forms and new materials. She has been also exploring fiber, metals, and recycled materials in greater detail, in search of alternative methods of communicating previously spoken ideas and themes. The artwork appearing above is work on paper, 18x22.

DENISE LANGE is the Creative Director/Owner at Pleasant Street Creative. She has a BA in Art & Design from LaGrange College with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in photography, as well as an MA in Communications from the University of Central Missouri. Find her online at