Winner of Perspectives: The Miracle Monocle Award for Visual Art

Pillow Queen

Sub Spotted

The Locker Room Lesbian

MALLORY LUCAS is a queer printmaker from Louisville, Kentucky and a recent graduate of Hite Art Institute's BFA program. She is a silkscreen, woodcut, and digital printmaker whose colorful and campy work centers queer identity and sexuality. Her artistic practice is informed by lived experiences as a butch person, as well as active conversation with the subjects of her pinups regarding how their identities are performed and perceived. Her series of pinup illustrations satire iconic modes of print advertising and messaging around normative bodies and sexualities, and each print targets a different stereotype commonly held about LGBTQ+ identity. By combining traditional and digital techniques, Mallory continues to make digital prints that empower queer people who have historically been excluded and erased from mainstream media.