Undergraduate Study

The Mathematics Department offers a wide range of undergraduate courses. General education courses in mathematics provide a basis in rigorous thinking and an understanding of mathematical skills and reasoning that are vital for success in other university courses and in post-college life. Higher level mathematics courses develop the mathematical background that is becoming increasingly necessary for study in diverse areas such as business, medicine, philosophy, psychology, the physical sciences and engineering. Course work for mathematics majors provide them with an integrated view of mathematics, its history and current activity, and the opportunity to participate in the challenge and excitement of mathematical discovery.

Mathematics majors are continually provided with a view of the interplay between the applied and the abstract. Upon graduation a typical major can expect to have well-developed writing and critical skills, as well as familiarity and confidence with several aspects of computer usage. The technical, theoretical and communication skills that the mathematics major develops are highly valued. Recent graduates currently hold positions in the community as actuaries, lawyers, statisticians, program analysts, and teachers. The mathematics degree is a very solid foundation for further study in graduate programs. Mathematics majors are currently enrolled in graduate programs in mathematics, and in graduate programs in computer science, engineering, law, mathematics, medicine, physics, and public administration.

The Department of Mathematics also offers the Master of Arts in Mathematics and Ph.D.

Undergraduate Advising

For undergraduate mathematics advising contact:

Phone: 502.852.6826

Math placement guide

Undergraduate Course Catalog

Honors Program

The Department offers sections of several of its courses as well as occasional seminars as part of the Honors Program.

Co-op Program

After two years, students who meet the College of Arts and Sciences GPA requirement, become eligible to participate in the Department’s Co-op program, which enables students to work outside the University for academic credit.


Faculty members hold special problem seminars for undergraduates, preparing them for the William Lowell Putnam and for the Virginia Tech annual competitions in mathematics.

Pi Mu Epsilon

Students interested in joining Pi Mu Epsilon:

Pi Mu Epsilon is a non-secret honor society whose purpose is the promotion and recognition of scholarly activity in the mathematical sciences among students at the academic institutions that have been chartered as Chapters of the Society.

Related Topics

The Disability Resource Center ensures that individuals with disabilities have equal access to take full advantage of the University's educational, social, and cultural opportunites.

The department offers Math 493: Cooperative Internships in Mathematics which is one way students can combine work experience with a related academic project.

Several mathematics faculty have recently mentored undergraduate students participating in the Summer Research Opportunities Program. Please contact the math department if you are interested in undergraduate research.

Students interested in combining their academic studies with community service can pursue their interests through the Service Learning Program.

Study Abroad/International Programs can be found at the International Center.

Students who demonstrate potential for high levels of achievement have multiple opportunities for academic and personal development in the University Honors Program.


The University of Louisville library system has holdings of about 1.2 million volumes and has subscriptions to over 200 mathematics journals.

The University of Louisville Computer Center is equipped with a variety of computers ranging from microcomputer labs and UNIX-based RISC workstations to a large IBM mainframe. Students use these computer facilities as an aid in learning such mathematics as statistics and numerical analysis. The Department has two microcomputer labs and many scattered workstations connected to the University TCP/IP network and the Internet.

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