Department Faculty and Research

Csaba Biro

Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Partially Ordered Sets

Beth Bradley

Differential Equations

Udayan Darji

Measure Theory, Topological Dynamics, Permutations

Gung-Min Gie

Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, and Fluid Mechanics

Ryan Gill

Change-Point Problems, Generalized Linear Models

Dan Han

Probability theory & stochastic, statistics and their applications to problems in population dynamics, data sciences, social network science, public health, finance,  numerical analysis, big data, machine learning, and FinTech. 

Changbing Hu

Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Control Theory

André Kézdy

Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Computational Complexity

Ewa Kubicka

Graph Theory, Combinatorics

Grzegorz Kubicki

Graph Theory, Combinatorial Geometry, Optimal Stopping

Hamid Kulosman

Commutative Algebra

Lee Larson

Real Analysis

Bingtuan Li

Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology

Jiaxu Li

Ordinary Differential Equations, Functional Differential Equations, Dynamical systems, Mathematical Biology & Medicine

Jinjia Li

Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry

Alica Miller

Topological Dynamics

Evan Milliken

Stochastic Processes, Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology (Epidemiology, Ecology, Oncology)

Robert Powers

Mathematical Social Choice

Thomas Riedel

Functional Equations, Posets

Steven Seif

Complexity, Universal Algebra, Semigroups

Daniel Smith-Tone

Multivariate Public Key Cryptography

David Swanson

Real Analysis, Partial Differential Equations

Cristina Tone

Probability, Stochastic Processes, Limit Theorems, Random Fields

Jake Wildstrom

Combinatorics, Logistics

Youngzhi Xu

Applied Partial Differential Equations, Inverse Scattering Problems, Acoustic Imaging, Cancer Modeling

Wei-Bin Zeng

Probablity and Statistics, Wavelets, Functional Equations