Pedagogy Resources

AMS Information on Inclusive Classroomsresources and guidelines for creating an inclusive classroom

AMS Blog Post on Ways to Support Diversity and Inclusion, a blog post by Natalie LF Hobson that suggests six teaching practices for creating an inclusive classroom that supports diversity

 ``Empowering Whom? The Challenge of Diversifying the Mathematical Community,''  a video featuring Mathematical Association of America (MAA)  Project NExT Director Dr. David Kung 

Remarks on Inclusive Teaching from the Center for Teaching Innovation at Cornell, a brief guide for getting started with inclusive teaching strategies 

Creating an Inclusive Classroom (Delphi Center Power Point), a guide to creating a culturally inclusive classroom\ 

Research articles  that advocate for the use of active learning to increase success in STEM: 

i) Active Learning and Minority Learners in STEM,

ii) Learning Increases Student Performance in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics